North District United Methodist Church

District Superintendent: Rev. Chuck Huffman


Administrative Assistants:
Anna Rohde (Longview Office)
Lonna Nunn (Texarkana Office)

   Sometimes referred to in the Texas Annual Conference as “The Northern Kingdom”, The North District is in the northeast corner of the state of Texas . The northern boundaries of the district are the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma , the eastern boundary is the state of Louisiana , the western boundaries are the North Texas Conference and the Northwest District of the Texas Annual Conference and the southern boundary is the East District of the Texas Annual Conference.

   Ten counties and nine county seat towns comprise this district: Bowie – New Boston, Camp – Pittsburg , Cass – Linden , Gregg – Longview , Harrison – Marshall, Marion – Jefferson, Morris – Daingerfield, Titus – Mt. Pleasant , and Upshur – Gilmer. The North District has churches which are located in Rusk County but the county seat, Henderson , is in the East District.

While primarily rural, there are two metropolitan areas in the North District (over fifty thousand people): Longview (Rusk, Gregg and Upshur Counties ) and Texarkana ( Bowie County and Miller County , Arkansas ). The rest of the district is rural, dotted with small towns and rolling forested hills. The churches in the district range from quite small with membership in the single digits, to churches whose membership numbers multiple thousands.

The District also includes New Gate Mission, an outreach to the marginalized and homeless in the greater Longview area, and Asbury House, a day care center which serves the lower income families in Gregg County . The District has within its bounds Wiley College – a historic black United Methodist college, Kilgore College with its fifty year old Wesley Foundation, and North Texas Community College near Mt. Pleasant with its emerging Wesley Fellowship.

There are 106 churches in the North District and 78 clergy, thirty of whom are Elders in full connection. The rest of the clergy are a mixture of local pastors (10 FLP, 14 PLP), provisional deacons (2), provisional Elders (5), Associate Members (5), retired Elders and retired Local pastors (6), student pastors (4), and lay supply or certified lay ministers (2). There are also a large number of retired United Methodist clergy who reside within the bounds of the district.

Although we cover a wide geography and have over one hundred churches we are always seeking to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. You are welcome in any of the 106 churches in the North District!