North X Northwest District Camp Registration

Registration for the North X Northwest District Camp is available at:

North X Northwest District Camp is June 29 – July 3, 2015

All registrations should be completed online.

Job Opening: Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Texarkana, TX seeks an innovative, relational individual to serve as the Pastor’s Administrative Assistant. Position is Part-time with a July start date. Hours are Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Salary is $10 per hour.

Responsible for assisting with and coordinating daily office operations at St. Luke’s UMC the candidate will:

• Greet guests and members who come to the office

• Manage the church website

• Coordinate and execute communications for the church including, but not limited to mass mailings, newsletters, email communications, and social media

• Compile and produce the weekly worship bulletin

• Receive and sort mail – taking checks and bills to Williams Memorial UMC (As such, reliable transportation is necessary.)

• Records management and filing including, but not limited to annual reports and membership information

• Other duties as assigned by the Pastor

Computer proficiency, Microsoft Office, and basic internet operation is required. Familiarity with the United Methodist Church is preferred. A background check will be performed prior to an offer of employment.

To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to Rev. John Stephenson via email attachment to no later than Monday, June 15, 2015 by 5:00 pm. Interviews will be set up by appointment for the week of June 22 – 25.

Special Offering

Dear Clergy and Lay Delegates of the Texas Annual Conference, 

As you are well aware, many within our conference boundaries have suffered devastating property damage and personal loss as a result of tornadoes in Van and elsewhere. Most recently, and as many of you witnessed during Annual Conference, torrential rains flooded the greater Houston area, Wharton, Tyler, Richmond/Rosenberg, and beyond.  You have already responded generously to the initial appeal for funds to help Van recovery.  Including a $10,000 grant from UMCOR, we have already raised over $30,000 in response to this need.  Thank you!

Sadly the devastation of spring storms has caused suffering and hardship all across our conference bounds. We need to expand our circle of compassion to embrace the needs created by all of this weather, in addition to Van. Our goal is to raise $500,000.  I am asking you to continue to give with the same extravagant generosity with which you have always given. That kind of generosity is part of our DNA as United Methodists!  I am asking you to take up a special offering this Sunday for “Spring Storms” and remit the funds as soon as possible.  The need is urgent and upon us.

  • In Van, we still need an additional $60,000 to fill the gap in putting 20 families back into their homes.
  • In the Meyerland/greater Houston area alone, the initial estimates are that well over 1,000 homes have sustained significant damage and either have no flood insurance or inadequate insurance.  This round of flooding went beyond the 100 year flood plan established after Alison, meaning that many of these homes carried no flood insurance.
  • Rivers outside of Houston have not yet crested and there may be further damage to homes and other property yet to come in those areas. Every district in the conference has been impacted in some measure, with almost every river and tributary within our boundaries at or near flood stage.

We want to be out front, making sure that people have food and other immediate needs met in these first weeks of crisis.  Some of the funds will be used for grocery store gift cards to insure that people can eat while they deal with their lives being turned upside down.  Recovery is going to be a long-term process as insurance and FEMA claims are processed and resources allocated.  We want to be ready to fill in the gap where families and individuals are not made whole by those resources.

Because United Methodists were there at the beginning with an outpouring of volunteers and because of the generosity of Westbury United Methodist Church in allowing us to set up a command center in the heart of one of the hardest hit areas, Westbury UMC is going to become the location of the Multi-Agency Resource Center for the City of Houston’s response.  It is our privilege to be called upon to provide this service.

Our disaster response teams and volunteers will be working side by side with the City of Houston, FEMA, the Red Cross and others to insure that funds are utilized where most needed.  Your generous gifts will allow us to continue to meet the needs of those most affected throughout the conference by these recent disasters.  Thank you in advance for always stepping up to the plate and meeting the need.

Those wishing to do so, may give online at

Grace and Peace,

LSM Training

Please see attached flyer for the upcoming LSM Training on June 13th in the Northwest District.  The classes that are being offered are “Basic & Advance” for Certified Lay Servant  and a class for Lay Speaker.

Please pass this information on those that might be interested in attending the training.  We would hate to have anyone miss out and have to wait until next time.

If you have any questions you may contact Rev. Karen Jones 903-530-2046.


June LSM Classes Flyer Reg


Thank you,

Charlene Bertocki

Administrative Assistant

Northwest District

United Methodist Church

300 West Erwin

Tyler, TX 75702

903.593.1861 (office)

903.593.0074 (fax)

More North X Northwest Camp Info

Here is all of the information you need to get your counselors and campers registered for camp.

To get safe sanctuary trained, register online for North x Northwest District Church Camp by clicking on the appropriate link below. After you are registered online, our camp registrar, Rev. Brad Morgan, will send you a link for your trainright training; also known as Safe Sanctuary Training. Adult counselors will have to have a yearly background check, and this will be done through your local church.

Below are links that should answer any questions you have about church camp. Please click on each of these links, and read through the information carefully. Registration deadline is June 15th! See you at camp soon! God bless!

Piano Available

A spinet piano that has been used very little is being offered for FREE.  It was part of an estate settlement for the Aunt of Ms. Maribeth Jennings. Ms. Jennings lives in San Antonio but will be in Texarkana on June 15. Ms. Jennings would l like very much for the piano to have a home in a United Methodist Church.  If your church is interested, please email Ms. Jennings .  You will have to make your own transportation plans to move the piano.


“My aunt recently passed away, and she has a spinet piano that has been used very little. As part of settling the estate, I am looking for a home for this piano. Are there any of the Methodist churches in the Texarkana area that are in need of a piano? It would be free; however, they would have to have a way to transport it.

Thank you for your help,

Maribeth Jennings”



TACCOR Update:

Dear Churches of the Texas Annual Conference,


The TAC response to flooding in our area has been tremendous.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to serve your neighbors in their time of need.  Although the relief efforts are no longer headline news, the need remains.  We have set up a resource center at Westbury UMC at 5200 Willowbend Blvd in Houston to help respond to the needs in the Southwest Houston / Westbury / Meyerland communities.  We have also been able to deploy volunteers to Wharton from this location to assist that community.  But, WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS.  If you are able to volunteer at the Westbury location, please contact Carol Greenslate at 832-758-2428 or sign up at  The need for volunteers in this area is significant and will be so for some time.


We are also receiving requests for assistance in other portions of the conference.  If you would like to volunteer elsewhere in the conference, or if you are unable to come to the Houston area, please contact Scott Moore at for volunteer opportunities close to you.


Thank you again for your dedicated and faithful service.


In Christ,

TACCOR and TAC Disaster Response Ministries”


Dear District Churches and Pastors:

I wanted to let you know that TACCOR continues to monitor the conference-wide flooding and weather-related disasters very closely.

Please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  TACCOR is prepared to deploy any available resources anywhere they are needed in the conference.  WE ARE NOT DEPLOYED TO HOUSTON ONLY.  While there is currently a large emphasis on Houston because of the extent of the damage and the sheer number of homes affected, we have not deployed all our assets in the Houston area.  We still have personnel and equipment throughout the conference ready to assist you if we are needed.

This is where we need the help of the local churches.  We often only have news reports to inform us of what’s going on “on the ground” in a particular area.  We need the local churches and your District Disaster Response Coordinators (DDRC), if you have one, to be our eyes and ears in each area affected.  If the local church pastor, missions director, lay leader, or DDRC could give us an assessment of what is needed we can deploy our resources in a more timely and effective manner.

Here is the information we need:

#1 – Are TACCOR volunteers needed, and has the appropriate governmental authority (county judge, mayor, local emergency manager, sheriff, police chief, etc.) cleared volunteer teams to enter the area.  (This can sometimes take several days depending on the scope of the first responder rescue efforts and the extent of damage to local infrastructure).

#2 – If volunteers are needed AND CLEARED TO ENTER THE AREA, has the local emergency manager set up a Volunteer Reception Center and assigned a specific person to receive and assign volunteer work teams.  (This will usually be done immediately upon clearing the area for volunteers to enter.  It may be a government employee or it may be someone from a volunteer organization such as the American Red Cross or Salvation Army, or even someone from a church-related organization such as TACCOR or Catholic Charities).  The location is usually somewhere with a large parking lot such as a stadium, school, civic center, or church.

If a Volunteer Reception Center has been established by the local emergency manager, who is the volunteer coordinator, how do we contact them, and where is the VRC set up?

If a Volunteer Reception Center has NOT been established, who is our contact at the local UM church that can help us find a place from which to stage and identify work sites?

#3 – Has the local church or the DDRC already identified potential work sites that need TACCOR attention?  If so, please provide us with the name of the homeowner, address, phone contact information, and a brief description of the work to be performed.

#4 – Are there other agencies already in the area with whom the local emergency manager needs us to coordinate (American Red Cross, FEMA, TDEM, Local Office of Emergency Management, etc.)?

#5 – If the local government has an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) set up, where is it?  And will they allow a TACCOR representative to enter the EOC and witness or participate in relief planning?

If we can get this information directly from the affected area quickly, we can deploy our resources in a more timely manner.

THE FIRST THING ANYONE SHOULD DO IN AN EMERGENCY IS MAKE SURE THEY ARE SAFE.  This includes our local churches, pastors, and congregants.  Only once they are safe (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) can they then begin caring for others.

We also have CARE Teams available to respond if needed.  These are trained spiritual care teams that are equipped to walk beside those affected by disaster and be a loving presence.  They are particularly helpful to pastors who have suffered personal loss in a disaster or to congregations that have suffered trauma during and / or after an event.


TACCOR would greatly appreciate it if the local church or DDRC could obtain the above information for us, then forward it directly to their district office and TACCOR.  TACCOR contacts are below:


Rev. Scott Moore (overall disaster response) – 936-697-2430,

DeWitt Cox (Conference Disaster Response Coordinator) – 832-498-4474,

Rev. Noel Denison (CARE Team Coordinator) – 713-464-1173,


Please let us know how we can help you.  You and your churches are not alone.


In Christ,

Scott Moore”

Beyond the Mask

Good Morning,

Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about the Christian film “Beyond the Mask” coming to theaters June 5th. With your support we will be able to impact lives through the film’s message of sacrifice, forgiveness, and redemption. Below is a list of attached resources and links you can utilize to continue spreading the word to your networks.


1.       The “Beyond the Mask” discussion guide designed to help children and youth  explore their identity in Christ.

2.      A private screening invitation to view the full length film (per request)

3.      Facebook memes

4.      Pastor’s email here –

5.      Banner ads and graphics for website and newsletters here –


I would really appreciate your feedback on how you chose to utilize these tools and if pastors find the “Beyond the Mask” discussion guide helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional communication tools.

Thank you for your time, and have a blessed Wednesday!


Ryan LaSuer


Helping Our Neighbors in Van


See Video

Local Pastor’s Breakfast

LOCAL PASTORS BREAKFAST – Monday- Hilton Hotel – $16.00 – Ballroom of the Americas D

FInal count needs to be given to hotel at 5pm Thursday night. If you intended to go to the breakfast and forgot- here is your GRACE!

Email and give her your name and promise to pay at the door! We only have fourteen spots left to enjoy fellowship with other pastors, partake of a great breakfast buffet and hear an incredible talk by Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell. We will honor and pray for our newest pastors who are receiving appointments and attending licensing school this summer. Come and show your support for our growing number of local pastors and associate members.