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Wiley College

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11:00 a.m.

September 10, 2015 – Marshall, Texas

“Living in Unity”

Craft Sale


Reserve your table now for

McCary’s Chapel United Methodist Church

Craft Sale and Fair on November 21, 2015

Call 903.812-4064

Newgate Mission


Need your help!!


Have some OPEN dates to cook and serve in the next few weeks!

Please consider taking one of them and if you would please share this information with others that might be to help!


Sunday  July 19th  (Lunch)

Sunday July 26th (Breakfast)

Saturday, August 1st (Breakfast)

Saturday, August 8th (Lunch)

Saturday August 15th (Lunch)

Sunday, August 16th (Lunch)


Thank you for all you do for the people at the mission!  Your service and  dedication is a blessing to them.


Brenda Liverman


Back To School Block Party

To: The Churches, Ministries and Businesses in the Kilgore College District
From: The Campus Ministries at Kilgore College  

We are excited to share with you a special new event, a ministry fair, for fall semester at Kilgore College.
We are half way through the summer and are gearing up for a new year. This year the campus ministries of Kilgore College will host a Back To School Block Party on August 25th from 6-8pm. This event will welcome students who are starting and those who are returning to campus.  Our purpose for this event is to BUILD COMMUNITY.   We want to provide a safe atmosphere for students to gather and be encouraged with the opportunities they have in our community.  We hope this will include a variety of organizations, churches, and businesses.
Would you consider joining us in this effort by hosting a booth or by helping to sponsor our event in some capacity?  Your group has the opportunity to have a booth.  These booths will surround the NEW Central Park at Kilgore College.  Each booth is encouraged to have a giveaway (such as a dorm refrigerator, flat screen TV, IPad, laptop computer, gift cards, or something a college student might want.)  We will provide information slips for students to submit to you, from which you will draw the winner for your giveaway.  The winners will be announced to return to your table to claim their prizes at the end of the evening.  You can keep the information slips as contacts for follow up. Other ways to sponsor could include the donating of money to host the event or services.  Some churches will be providing free food and entertainment for the evening.  Advertisement will be made through as many local avenues that we can find via radio, TV, and newspaper.

To reserve your booth or sponsor the event contact Jaymi Blankenship at or 903-984-7146903-984-7146. 
Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you on August 25th!

KC Campus Ministries:
Mr. Jaymi Blankenship, Director of Baptist Student Ministry 903-984-7146903-984-7146
Mr. Britt Davis, Campus Minister for Christian Campus Center -903-984-3700903-984-3700
Rev. Karen Bright, Campus Pastor of the Wesley Foundation -903-984-6922903-984-6922


Day of Wellness

Calling all Active Clergy and Spouses in the Group Health Plan…

The TAC offers you two exciting programs:

– the Day of Wellness and the Walking Program.


Come to a Day of Wellness

The Day is free to you!


Information about the day –

Arrive between 8 & 8:30 am. We are done between 2:30 & 3pm.

Wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes.

Don’t eat or drink after 12 midnight – quick finger prick when you arrive. Breakfast and lunch provided.



The Texas Annual Conference offers you an incredible gift of a great Wellness program. The Day of Wellness is required to get you in the program.


We are one of the leading conferences in the nation when it comes to our program and all of the incentives we offer. For attending the 6 ½ hour day you receive:


  1. $200 off of your yearly Group Health plan deductible – whether you are in the $700 Deductible Plan or the High Deductible Plan… for all the years in the future you are in the plan. The serving pastor receives the deductible discount for themselves and any dependent children. Spouses in the Group Health plan attend for their own discount on the deductible. What a deal – $200 you don’t have to spend each year for years to come!


  1. On top of that – we give you incentives for losing and maintaining weight. Again one of the richest incentive plans of all the conferences. Why would you not want several hundreds or thousands of dollars for working on and maintaining a healthy weight. Up to $2000 for losing the weight. Yearly maintenance of $750.


  1. Everyone who attends walks away with loads of new knowledge and motivation to keep up a healthy lifestyle.


Registering for the Day of Wellness is a two-step process

  1. Select a date that works for you (and/or your enrolled spouse). Go to links below and follow the instructions to register with Methodist Hospital. Clergy and Spouse must sign-up separately. You need to register by Sunday evening, August 2nd for the Longview Day of Wellness; August 30th for West Houston; and October 4th for Willowbrook.
  2. Next, mail your check(s) for $175 to Texas Annual Conference, 5215 Main St., Houston, TX 77002-9752, Attn: Nancy Slade. Make all checks out to ‘Group Health Benefits – TAC’. Your check is our guarantee that you will come. Your check will be returned to you at the Day of Wellness. If you do not attend – your check will offset the cost of you not attending. Separate checks for each person attending please! The Conference pays Methodist $175 for you to attend.

Your registration is complete once you have completed the online registration and your check has been received. You will receive a confirmation email.


Check out how the program works and if you are eligible at A Day of Wellness with Methodist Hospital. All the incentive forms are online also.


To be eligible for the 2016 deductible credit, the employee or spouse only need to attend the Day of Wellness one time before December 31, 2015.  It is not necessary to attend the Day of Wellness more than once.


Space is limited at all days. If a scheduled day does not make – checks will be returned or can be transferred to another days registration.


Days of Wellness for 2015 – Register by picking a date below.


August 14 – FUMC Longview
September 11 – Houston Methodist West Houston
October 23 – Houston Methodist Willowbrook



Have you joined the Walking Program?


Get a MAX pedometer!! Or purchase a FitBit. Both work with the Virgin Pulse system.


Quarterly incentives are $75 – plus we have a graduated scale for bonuses.

Join now – get $150 of incentives and a $50 bonus for the remained of the year.


The MAX pedometer is water resistant (can go thru the wash, just not the heat of the dryer), wireless upload to iPhone and Android phones via the Virgin Pulse App, and gives you ‘Calories burned’ and much more on the display. All new enrollees get the MAX for $9.99 – conference pays the difference. You will need a credit card to enroll. The Walking Program is for all Active Clergy and their Spouses in the Group Health Plan. Learn more and join.



2015 A-la-carte Rebate – get paid back for some of your ‘Health Related’ expenses.


Also, all participants don’t forget to gather up your receipts! Spend $ on health related items in 2015 (Jan 1 thru Sept 30) and you get half back – up to $300!! Check out the 2015 A-la-carte Fitness Rebate Policy and print out the Rebate Form.What a great way to recoup some of your ‘health’ related expenses! Yes – the cost of a pedometer, MAX or FitBit (or other pedometer) can qualify for rebate!


If you have any questions – contact Nancy Slade at

Job Opening

Hardy Memorial United Methodist, in Texarkana, is looking for a part time Children’s Director.

If you are energetic, imaginative and love children, you are just what the church is looking for.

If interested, contact Hardy Memorial UMC at 903-793-1116.


Attached you will find a pdf of a brochure for “Spirit Journey, 2015”– a spiritual formation-renewal program of THE UPPER ROOM® which is being sponsored by the Center for Congregational Excellence of the Texas Annual Conference through the “Committee for Faith-Forming Relationships.”  As you see in the attachment, “Spirit Journey” is a three-day (48-hour) adaptation of the UPPER ROOM’s “Academy of Spiritual Formation” model.   We are excited that Jerry Weber of Chapelwood UMC in Houston will be our retreat leader—reflecting on the Parables… and the handles they provide for spiritual formation/direction/guidanceAltogether, the timing of the year (October 22-24), the daily schedule/rhythm, the setting which is Lakeview, the speaker and his focus: all of these converge to make this retreat a great mid-Fall “booster shot” for laity AND clergy!!!


sj 2015, brochure final (7-14-15)


Rev. Dr. James H. Reiter

Conference Chair of the “Committee for Faith-Forming Relationships and Spiritual Formation” 

First United Methodist Church

305 W. Henderson [Mail: PO BOX 457]

Jefferson, TX 75657-0457


Conclave on Pastoral Responses

Dear Clergy Colleagues,

Grace and peace to each of you in the name of Jesus Christ.

I write to follow up on my letter of June 18, 2015 in anticipation of the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court decided the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, which struck down state laws that bar same-gender couples from marriage on the same terms accorded to couples of the opposite sex. Although this decision does not alter our United Methodist doctrine and polity, it does present us with new pastoral challenges and opportunities in a changing cultural environment.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that the Cabinet and I have scheduled a Conclave on Pastoral responses to the Supreme Court decision on August 27, 2015 in Longview at Longview First United Methodist Church, 400 N Fredonia St., Longview 75601 and August 28, 2015 in Conroe. We will begin at 10:00 am and will be finished by 12:30 pm. Lunch will be on your own.
We will be guided by two highly respected pastors from the Indiana Annual Conference where same gender marriage has been legal since October 6, 2014. We have invited each of them to share how an earlier statewide ruling impacted their own ministry, issues they anticipate they will face in the future, and the differences it is making as they seek to be in ministry “to and with” all persons.

Dr. Greg McGarvey is recently retired from the Indiana Annual Conference after 40 years in ministry. He is a long-time member of the Confessing Movement Board of Directors and has served as its President. A graduate of Asbury Seminary, he has pastored small, medium and large membership churches as well as serving as a District Superintendent. He is currently a consultant with the Horizon Stewardship Company.

Dr. Rob Fuquay serves as the Senior Pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, a large progressive congregation in Indianapolis. A graduate of Duke Divinity School, he served previously as Senior Pastor of Williamson’s Chapel UMC in North Carolina. He says, “I desire a church that welcomes everyone and allows God to work with them where they are.” He is a noted preacher, and the author of The God We Can Know published by Upper Room.
Below are some of the questions/issues I hope they will share:

  • What kind of pastoral care issues have arisen and how have you responded?
  • When you get a request to do a same-gender wedding, how do you respond? How do you say “no” and not come off as harsh and uncaring?
  • What was the response in your congregations when you did your first baptism of the child of a gay couple?
  • How have you processed this with staff? Leaders? Congregation?
  • Have you spoken about it with youth and children in the church? If so, how did you approach it?
  • How has the change impacted your members? Congregation?
  • Have you had experiences of people acting badly for whom such behavior is uncharacteristic?
  • What kind of pressure has it created among clergy in Indiana, particularly those whose different perspectives are well known?
  • How do you speak theologically and practically about the unity of the church in the midst of such a divisive issue?
  • How do you keep focused on the mission of the church during this time of cultural change and in the period of the “lead up” to General Conference?

Please be thinking about questions/issues that you may want to bring as well. We are planning small group and discussion time as a part of our conversation. In addition, I hope to be able to have one of our chancellors speak to any legal questions that you may have.

I look forward to seeing you on either August 27 in Longview or August 28 in Conroe. Thank you again for your faithful ministry. May God bless each of you with a time of rest and renewal this summer.
Grace and peace,

Janice Riggle Huie

Piano Available

Bethel United Methodist Church has a Baldwin Spinet piano available to a church who may need it.  Don’t know the age, but it is an older model.  The damper pedal may or may not work, otherwise, as far as we know, it is in good condition.  We were using it in our worship service and replaced it with an electronic piano.



Anyone interested can contact me at, or call me at:


Harold Coburn, Bethel UMC, Elysian Fields, TX

Annual Garage Sale

Asbury House Child Development Center of Longview will hold their annual garage sale  on August 7 and 8, 2015 at Longview First United Methodist Church located at 400 N Fredonia St.

Doors open on Friday at 8 am and close at 5 PM and on Saturday from 8 am to noon.